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My name is Lexi Audas (she/her), the proud owner of JessiLex Makeup! I love music, astrology, animals, and encouraging creativity & self-love of all forms.


Since I discovered my love for makeup in 2014, I have dreamt of creating my own line & providing people with homemade wellness products that are good for your body and for the earth.

After graduating from The University of Oklahoma in 2020, I decided to dedicate myself to bringing this dream to life! It has been an incredible journey and I can't wait to keep growing with my community.



My dream is to provide homemade wellness products that are healthy & accessible while promoting creative expression & self-love!


These days, it is easy to neglect the responsibility of having compassion for ourselves and our bodies. With JessiLex & its partners, my hope is to remind you to not only invest in your own authenticity and confidence, but to share that joy with the people you love!